The Berkshire Lieutenancy

Royal Garden Parties

The King hosts Garden Parties at Buckingham Palace every summer. Approximately 8,000 guests attend each Garden Party.

Throughout the country, a long established network of sponsors is used to invite guests from all walks of life, who include Lord-Lieutenants, Societies and Associations, Government Departments, Local Government, the uniformed services, and faith groups. It is not possible to acquire invitations to a Royal Garden Party through direct application to Buckingham Palace.

This ensures that a representative cross-section of the community is invited and that guests are generally people who have made a substantial contribution to their organisations or society.

Lieutenancies across the country are allocated spaces and asked to nominate worthy individuals from across their counties to attend Garden Parties. Here in Berkshire, not only do we operate a waiting list, but the Lord-Lieutenant also seeks nominations from organisations and people from across the county such as Deputy Lieutenants, Local Authorities, Hospitals and emergency services and the charity sector too.

If you would like to nominate a worthy individual to attend a future Garden Party, please complete the form below. Please also attach details of why you think your nominee should be considered to attend. You can include any evidence you have of recognition your nominee has received for their achievements, for example, articles, photos or letters.

The Lord-Lieutenant makes every effort to ensure that a wide cross section of the community is reflected in his Garden Party nominations. The selection process is completed by the end of January each year.

Nominees should reside in the county or do their ‘worthy work’ within Berkshire. They must be British or EU Citizens over the age of 18 and should not have attended a Garden Party before. Nominations should be for past achievements.

Please be aware that there are many nominations for individuals to attend Garden Parties and there is no guarantee of success for your nominee. If the Lord-Lieutenant is content with your nomination, it may be added to the waiting list for consideration to attend a future Garden Party.

You must ensure that the person you have nominated is aware that you are providing information about them and their work to the Berkshire Lieutenancy, which will be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy and may be shared with the Royal Household.

If you would like to discuss the nomination process further, please contact the Lieutenancy Office.

We look forward to hearing from you and learning more about the exceptional members of our community.

Royal Garden Party nomination form