The Berkshire Lieutenancy

The High Sheriff of Berkshire

The office of High Sheriff is the oldest secular office in the country outside the monarchy. Today, the role is now largely ceremonial, but carries the status of being The King’s highest judicial officer in the county. The role involves a mix of ceremonial, charitable and community functions. The role is voluntary, unfunded and non-political.

The principal formal duties of High Sheriffs today include support for His Majesty’s High Court Judges when on Circuit and attendance at royal visits in the county. These days, however, High Sheriffs play an increasingly active and supportive role within their Counties both in relation to the Police and emergency services and in lending encouragement to public sector agencies such as the probation and prison services and to voluntary sector organisations involved in crime reduction and social cohesion.

The holder of the Office of High Sheriff is well placed to offer encouragement to those in Berkshire who are engaged in supporting the voluntary sector and those most in need. As the Office is independent and non-political, High Sheriffs are able to bring together a wide range of people with the community they serve.

High Sheriffs are in office for one year.

More details can be found on the Berkshire High Sheriff’s website.