The Berkshire Lieutenancy

Frequently asked questions

The statutory rules for the appointment of Lord-Lieutenants are set out in the Lieutenancies Act 1997. There is also more information about the appointment process available on the website. Although anyone who lives in the county (or within seven miles of the boundary) can be appointed, it is often the case that the Lord-Lieutenant has previously served as a Deputy Lieutenant.

The opinions of a wide range of citizens in the county are taken before the Prime Minister advises The King on possible appointees. In England, this process is undertaken by the Prime Minister’s Appointments Secretary.  The Prime Minister is notified of the results of the consultation process. The Prime Minister, after considering the results, will then make the recommendation to The King and ask for approval of the appointment.

A Lord-Lieutenant serves for a minimum of 10 years or until their 75th birthday (if sooner).

The Lord-Lieutenant, the Vice Lord-Lieutenant and the Deputy Lieutenants are not paid and receive no allowances.