The Berkshire Lieutenancy

Royal visits and events

The King and other Members of the Royal Family make almost 3,000 visits across the United Kingdom each year. Many Royal visits are made to Berkshire each year covering a wide range of activity in the county. Visits may include official functions but can also encompass many more informal occasions with plenty of opportunity for Royal visitors to meet a broad spectrum of people.

A Royal visit is a very special occasion and it often marks an event with which a town, community, school, business or voluntary organisation has been or is still involved in. It is an opportunity to celebrate the different ways in which people have been involved in a special piece of work or occasion. These visits are an important part of the Royal Family’s role and are much valued by those organisations that are fortunate enough to receive such a visit.

The Lieutenancy is always involved in Royal visits to the county. The Lord-Lieutenant, or one of his deputies, is the first person to meet the visiting Member of the Royal Family or Head of State and welcome them to Berkshire and is the last to say goodbye. The Lord-Lieutenant attends the Member of the Royal Family throughout their visit.

How to request a Royal visit

Invitations to Members of the Royal Family may be made in a number of ways.

Invitations may be extended through the Lord-Lieutenant and may be submitted to specific Members of the Royal Family.

If in doubt the Lord-Lieutenant will advise as to who may be the most appropriate Member of the Royal Family to approach. It is advisable to consult the Lord-Lieutenant at the earliest opportunity and at least six months in advance. However, if you want a Royal visit for a special occasion on a particular day then you will need to extend your invitation about a year beforehand. Submissions should include a short statement about the project or event and the reason for the visit.

Before you apply for visit, you may find it helpful to contact the Lieutenancy Office who will be able to help with the invitation and make suggestions that may give a better chance of a successful outcome.

It is not possible for the Royal Family to accept all the invitations that they receive.

Planning a Royal visit

Once an invitation has been accepted, the appropriate Royal Household will advise the Lord-Lieutenant and the organisation of a date when the Member of the Royal Family wishes to visit.

The Lord-Lieutenant is responsible for making all the arrangements for a visit to Berkshire by a member of the Royal Family. The Lieutenancy Officer will make the arrangements direct with the Royal Household, the host organisation and the Police.

At this early stage of the proceedings, all details relating to the venue and the visit are STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL and no details should be given to anyone that is not involved in the visit.

The Lieutenancy Officer will make contact with the host organisation and will arrange to meet the hosts to work on a draft programme for submission to the Royal Household. The Lieutenancy is responsible for coordinating the arrangements for a royal visit to Berkshire and forms the link between with the Royal Household, the host organisation and the Police. Planning a Royal visit will involve a lot of detailed work. The Lieutenancy Officer will give guidance and support throughout the planning process and on the day of the visit.

Forthcoming Royal visits

Details of forthcoming Royal visits can be found on the British Monarchy website.