The Berkshire Lieutenancy

Lindsey Beard

Mrs Lindsey Beard JP DL

Appointed 2021

Lindsey Beard, a former journalist and broadcaster, has been serving as a magistrate in Berkshire since 2008.  She is both a Presiding Justice in the Adult Court, a member of the Youth Panel and has sat on appeals in the Crown Court. 

She is a member of the Lord Chancellor’s Advisory Committee, overseeing the recruitment of magistrates. 

Lindsey chairs the Berkshire based charity The Inside Out Trust (formerly known as the Berkshire Care Trust), helping to rehabilitate offenders in the Royal County. She ia also a trustee of the Berkshire Community Foundation, a charity that works across Berkshire to raise, then distribute, money directly to vital local causes.

She also works as a volunteer at Berkshire Healthcare Foundation NHS Trust, sitting as an independent lay panel member, ensuring that the right criteria is met for people being held under the Mental Health Act. 

Lindsey takes a keen interest in the Arts and is a voting member of BAFTA.